Saturday, January 4, 2014

First week back

It's been one day short of one week back running.  The first couple days back after the two week body recycle was very painful.  My legs and lungs didn't want to work.  They were so rusty and unavailable.  Today and yesterday I saw a jump in the positive direction with my training.  Today I ran 91 mins on trails and it was slow going but beautiful and so perfect.  The legs were firing the way I wanted.  They were moving with easy and no pain.  I do however have a bum achillies tendon.  I've never had an achillies issue before so I'm not 100% sure on how to treat it.  I'm not super concern with the issue yet but I am monitoring it and being aware of it.  I will run tomorrow again and start building off of this last week.  I want to get up into the 100 mile weeks again.  This week should be around 45 miles or so.  I will bump it up by 10% from this last week and see how the body responds. I'm pretty anxious to or I wouldn't say anxious I'm pretty excited to get up near the 100 mile week.  I think the first race I will run will be Fitgers 5k.  I'm thinking of running pearly off of volume.   I might do a couple tune up miles but nothing major. This winter will be pearly slow steady miles.  Here's to another week of training.  Stay classy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trail run

Today I decided to run Hartley Nature Trails.  The trials were like rails, meaning almost perfect to run on.  There is about three feet of snow on the ground and so many people travel through the trial system we are able to run on them with ease.  I ran for a total time of 70 mins.  My body was actually responding really well to the 70 min time frame.  I could have run about 90+ mins but chose not to.  This weekend I will probably try to get out for a 90 min run and maybe another 65 min run.  Over all my body is building and I'm happy about that.  Let's keep the miles rolling, stay classy.