Monday, December 16, 2013

Recycling The Body

It's been a long time sense I've written.  My running has come to a end for the season.  I'm on what I call, recycling my body.  This is probably the best thing for me but I absolutely don't like it.  I would rather run 200 miles then rest my body if that's paints a picture for you.  The thought behind recycling the body is it gives your body time to heal and rebuild mentally.  When you run many miles over the 12 months the body can only handle so much pounding of the body and I truly believe novice to elite should recycle the body.

This last season was very strange for me.  I had a really slow going this spring.  I ran many many work outs and I thought in my head I was fit but I really wasn't.  The paperwork showed I should have been kicking some butt but when I came to race day I wasn't ready.  I switched gears mid-summer and started running longer miles and that really started seeing results.  I noticed I was running more smoothly and efficiently.  I ramped my miles up and over a 100 miles a week and things really started to click, it's an amazing feeling.  Unless your a avid running you might not know what I just was talking about "click".   The click feeling is what we all runners want to experience just once in the running season.  Once a runner has reached this click feeling the window is small and you must utilize the fitness on a race.  Start picking races and running because the window is about 4-6 weeks maybe?  I mean that window is super short and then your body starts to wind down again.  For me once the body shuts down again it's hard to come back to the peak fitness.  That's when you should consider recycling the body.

Some of the big races I did this year were grandmas marathon, wild duluth 50k, living history farms, gobble gallop.  I pr'd in all of them.  I ran a 2:54 for the marathon, that was 10 min pr.  I ran 4:36 for wild duluth, that was a 18 min pr.  Living history was my first time racing so that was of course a pr.  Gobble gallop I ran 16:38 and that was a 6 sec pr.  All in all I'm very blessed I was able to race this well with out injuries.

Let's keep,the miles rolling.  Stay classy!

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