Thursday, June 23, 2011

Running running running

It's been a couple weeks now that I've been back running and I'm really starting to feel fit again.  Today I ran with my cousin Deb Salzer.  It turned out to be a great run lots of laughs.  We went out at pretty steady pace of 720 pace and we kept that pace for about half the run.  We slowed it down on the way back cause we both realized what the heck we should be running easy.  We ended up running on the boardwalk cause the trails are just about floating with water and mud.  The run ended up being around 7.02 miles which we perfect for both our workouts. 

I have so much stuff planned for this wk end its crazy.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to fit it all in but I'm going to try my hardest.  Sat A.M. running with my coach then working on his deck.  12:00 got a wedding to go to.  Around 2ish I got a baby shower to attend.  Around 6ish I got the reception to the wedding.  At 8ish I got a surprise for Jaime's bday so I can't post that cause she might read this.  Sunday I'm pretty booked all day too crazy but worth it..  roll roll roll some miles out!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Check out this new site

I've been running for Nick my coach for around 7 months now and it's been great!  He has been a positive outlook for me in my running career.  He has taught me patience and discipline.  He has recently started his company called Splitfire running.  He will be coaching and teaching the importance and unknown to running.  Check out his site:   

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm back at it!

Well I've been training for four weeks now and loving it!  My fitness is really starting to come around.  I ran part of gmas half marathon yesterday and loved every second of it.  I ran a 6:18 average pace for 10.5 miles that makes me super happy and builds my confidence level back up.  I got a couple more pounds to lose and I'll be back running at my perfect race weight.  It's strange how fast you can lose your fitness.  I was out for 6 full weeks no running and I could really feel the difference in my performance.  I'm not worried at all cause I can feel it coming back just as fast as I lost it.  My attitude is positive and collective and ready to train hard again.  Got one big race in the future and hoping to pick up a couple small ones too.  I'll keep you posted on my training and how everything is going until then lets roll out some miles!!