Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend runs

I had a pretty solid week of training.  I've been super patient with my training these last couple of months.  Nothing really exciting has happened and finally things are really coming around.  My workouts are becoming easy and fun and that's when I know that things are clicking.  I'm transitioning into an easy workout week which is perfect timing.  I have a slight twinge in my lower calf its the same thing I had last year.  I'm not super concerned but I am aware of it.  I have couple easy days this week then back to the grind and I'm excited for the easy week and the grind to follow.  Planning on running a half marathon in a couple of weeks should be a blast.  I'm not racing it but I'll be training through it and having fun.

I had a fun weekend of training.  I got the chance to run with many many of my friends and that's amazing!  I love every single one of them in a different way.  I'm very thankful for the friends I do have.  It's pretty funny cause each of them bring something completely different to the table and I like that.  I'm very blessed!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little up-date

My running is really starting to feel natural.  I'm really pleased with my last two weekends.  I felt strong mentally and physically.  I'm in no shape to race at this point in my training but my long runs are becoming fun and easy.  I have been putting on more miles these last couple of weeks.  I'm pushing into the low 70 miles.... I believe a week which is pretty decent.  I normally run by time so I don't really have an accurate number for miles.  I'm very optimistic of this coming year.  I've had some good friends to run with these last couple of months so it makes running even better then it is.  I'm a lot smarter hydrating and eating better.  We will see what happens until then lets roll some miles out!! 

On a different note==I have no up date with my mother.  I tried calling for a check-in but no go.  Things are not good lets just say that.  It's a sad deal and I gotta learn to deal with the pain.  I understand that feeling numb is a bad deal but something I need to feel to move forward on the healing process.  Have not been sleeping very well which is due to stress I'm sure but really don't feel comfortable chatting yet.   

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I don't know what to do

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that something bad has happened to my mother.  Well it turns out it is getting worse and I'm not sure what to do, say, or feel. I feel completely numb and angry.  I'm not sure why I'm upset but I am.  Hmm it hurts and cuts deep.  I normally don't show that I'm hurting on an everyday basis.  I'm pretty good at hiding my feelings.  I am hurting tonight tho and would love the pain to go away.  I pray for you mom!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Running is going really well.  Today I ran with dodge ball=ryan, deb, and gregger!  What a fun group to be in company with.  I had such a great time laughing and cracking jokes at each other.  We ran snowmobile trails and roads.  The snowmobile trails were crazy wet but fun.  If you ever get a chance try to run with these guys they won't let you down.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend fun!

Saturday I headed out with my cousin Deb, Ryan, Peter, and Gregg.  We ran the guard rail loop in Hartley Nature Center.  It was difficult to run cause of the depth of snow.  Lots of sinking up to the knees in snow and almost falling over.  I was pretty happy to get outta the park and onto some roads about a hour into the run.  We ended the run at about 1 hour 55 mins which was more then I was expecting for the day.  Overall I felt pretty good.

Sunday I headed out with the Gregger R!  We decided on pavement for poison of the day.  We headed up the north shore 7 miles out and returned for another 7 miles.  The pace was not super fast but it felt fast for me.  I was a little concerned that it felt so fast but I had a late night before and might have been a little dehydrated.  We ended up with little over 14 miles for a total.  What a great week end thank you guys!  Lets roll out some miles

My body overall is functioning pretty well.  I have no hot spots to speak of and my attitude is pretty calm and collective.  I'm planning on a kick ass season and that's just what I'm going to do!  

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Four Homies

Sunday afternoon I had 2 hours planned for running which is pretty normal for me.  I knew I wanted to run with these guys so I tried pretty hard to pull this run off.  I ran with Gregg Robertson, Dave Schunemen, and Tony Stensland....shoot I think I butchered the last name spellings? :)  We decided that there was to much snow for running in regular shoes so we put on the big shoes.  All I have to say is holy crap am I sore those shoes get pretty heavy after two hours of lifting.  All three of these guys have different personalities which makes it fun.  Here is my bio of them on Sunday........

Gregg..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Here is a little preview... were running up 7 bridges road and I noticed he was no longer on my side.   I look up at one of the bridges see him standing there on the rail and BOOM he jumps off and I run over and he is neck deep in snow laughing.  Later on in the run we came across a cliff and BOOM Gregg jumps off without hesitation.  I was like WHAT?  He lands and later says to me "that was great and I think I broke my femur".  (thankfully he didn't) 

Dave..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well we were running in the big shoes and the snow was getting pretty deep Dave was able to take the lead which I'm thankful for and he was plowing through knee deep snow for about 3/4 mile and still smiling.  If you never tried snowshoe running in knee deep snow try it and tell me how you feel after 2 hours.  Anyhow he is the strongest of the group without a doubt.  He is always one to check in with the group making sure we still alive and kicking which makes it fun.  Dave seems to always laugh at my jokes and somehow adds another twist to them which makes them even funnier.  Thanks Dave

Tony..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well Mr. Gel to start if off.  He always has a gel and he carries it for you too. What a nice guy thank you Tony!!   I would say Coach fits him pretty well too.  Sometimes I can complain on my runs and Tony makes sure I understand complaining is not an option.  I would have to say he is pretty quick with the one liners.  He seems to be the first one to spot any bears or bear activity that we come across.  Thankfully for Tony I'm still able to write in my blog.

We had a pretty good time out there!  If your looking for laughs and some adventure hook up with one of these guys they won't let you down.  Lets roll out some miles!!!!