Sunday, January 30, 2011

Should I get up or not

I struggled a little this morning to get outta bed.  I set my alarm for six got up looked around got my shoes, socks, clothes ready then I looked back at my bed.  I started walking towards my bed and was going to lay down for another hour or two and forget about the run.  Well I didn't do that and ended up running and I'm glad I did.  It was real slow just didn't have much pep and the wind was blowing like crazy.  It ended up being 40 mins easy.  I'm kinda proud of myself for not giving into the bed.  :) 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday long run

Today's run started out at Lester River.  I ran with Henry, Dave, and Tony.  Like I mentioned yesterday Tony and Dave were on snowshoes.  The footing on the snowmobile trails was really difficult today.  We got around three inches of snow and not many snowmobiles have traveled on it yet.  Tony and Dave had the cadence down  they were flying on those snowshoes.  I was having a hard time staying with them.  They were flinging snow like crazy back at Henry and I.  I had more snow on the front of me than the back.  We ended up running around 2.5 hrs maybe little shy by a min or two. 
I got a call from my coach today and I was excited to chat with Nick.  He is changing this next weeks training a little. I will be running faster on my quality days.  I will no longer have a rest day on Sunday I'll be running seven days a week which I like.  I will be pushing pace wise 6:30 min miles to 6:20 min miles on some of quality days and that makes me happy.  I'm running around 80+ miles this week and soon I'll be running around 100.  I feel good mentally and physically so I don't see these faster paces to be a problem.  The point of these faster paces is not to hurt but be comfortably hard.  I'm excited lets roll out some miles...  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Snowy Run:)

Today, I ended up running with my buddy Jonas R again.  We were both little concerned about the weather but that didn't stop us. We laced up and headed out into this winter storm and it was great.  Ok I might be a little biased it was cold and windy and I was not sure if I was going to make it back.  It helps when you have good company to run with makes time fly by.  We ended up running paved roads around my apartment they were pretty dicey almost got hit by a skidding van.  They manage to gain control three feet in front of me which I'm thankful for.  The total run ended up being an hour long. The pace was much slower then normal which is ok cause tomorrow I have a 2.5 hour run and I could use all the energy I can get.  It sounds like Dave S and Tony S are snowshoeing and Henry E and I are running in normal shoes tomorrow.  Kinda curious to see how the pace settles in at.  Dave and Tony are strong at snowshoeing, so I'm thinking we should be comparable.  Lets roll out some miles....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

crazy training

Well the last couple of days have been hard to find time to run.  I've been able to make all my scheduled runs except one which is fine no big deal.  I've been going through training for my new job in the cities the last couple of days and that's taking a ton of my running time up but its been well worth it.  Today, I got the chance to run with my good buddy Jonas R if you don't know him well you should meet him.  He has taught me many valuable lessons on running over the years and I thank him for that.  We ended up running little over an hour on roads and it was great.  Jonas and I were able to catch up on our lives over that hour run.  The pace was little faster then expected but we both were feeling good so we went with it.  We plan to meet up again Friday for an easy run.  Saturday I'm meeting up with Dave S, Tony S, Henry E, and myself.  We Plan to run the snowmobile trails at lester river climb up the big hill into Hartley Nature Center.  I seriously can't wait!! It's probably one of my favorite runs during the winter.  It's just so beautiful outside this time of year I love it..... Lets roll out some miles....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rolling miles out

Today, I ran an easy hour and it was easy.  I felt like I was floating on a magic carpet completely effortless.  It's weird not everyday is like this but when they come they are magical and to be remember when the bad days come.  It's a small part why I keep running just for that feeling.  The other parts why I run well I'm sure if you know me you know why:)  My miles are ramping  up and up and I'm loving every second of it.  Next couple of months I will be at my all time high mileage for a week.  It will be interesting to see how my body responds to the road and mill impact.  I had a pretty good chat with my coach Nick M today about up coming races and we our sights on a couple 5k's and half marathons.  It just makes me so excited talking about races I can't stand it.  Makes me wanna race as were chatting. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday run

I ended up running Saturday with Henry one of my good running buddies.  We planned on running the snowmobile trails but were concerned about the snow depth.  We changed plans last minute and started at Henry's house ran the boardwalk up to the Lester River snowmobile trails to check them out and see if they were runnable.  It turned out the sleds have been buzzing the trials hard which made the trials runnable.  We chugged up and up to Hawks Ridge and looped around Amity River. It was just perfect temp wise, scenery wise, and of course company wise.  We were talking and Henry came up with this neat idea and I'm totally game.  We were thinking of putting on six mini track meets this summer at UMD. Kinda like the ones they have at UWS but more and a wider range of races. Thought it would be neat to have a 100, 200, 400, 800, 1 mile open, 1 mile predicted, and 5k track race.  Its something we both are serious about and would be fun for everyone so stay tuned..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

washout workout

Well today's run turned out to be pretty hard mentally and physically.  This week was going really really well until today.  I had 100 minutes scheduled today and I barely got it done.  I started out pretty slow nothing unusual for me I picked up the pace at 30 mins in and I just couldn't hang on.  In my mind I was thinking ahhh it will pass but it didn't so I backed the pace back a little thinking it would help. Well it turned out I ran the same pace as I started with.  I was going to scratch the run and hang the shoes up, but I pushed through it and finished it.  I'm glad I completed the run but also concerned why my run went sour.  I reevaluated my day and nothing unusual hydration was good, food intake was good, the only thing I could think was maybe running to fast on Tuesdays run which dragged into today's run.  I'm going to take it easy tomorrow and see how I feel after Friday.  I'm not super concerned cause I've had days like this in the past.  I just like to understand why and how I can prevent for the future workouts.  Looking forward to Saturdays run it will be my longest this year.  Planning on running on the snowmobile trails.  Lets keep the miles rolling.....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perfect Run

Today Henry, Dave S, Tony, and I ventured out on the snowmobile trails for two hour jog.  I was a little hesitant  at first to join cause of the cold weather.  The think the thermometer read zero without the windchill.  It was cold at first but warmed up quickly climbing up to Hawks Ridge.  The pace was smooth and consistent throughout the run.   We never really pushed past 8 min miles which was nice cause, I could tell my body was content.  I glanced at the others and they seemed to be content too.  These group runs are great cause everyone's attitudes are positive and collective.  People bring new ideas and thoughts to the table.  One of the thoughts we had was renting a condo in Lutsen for the 25k and 50k this coming spring.   I hope we can pull it together and do it cause, I can see us having lots of fun joking and laughing.  Today was perfect couldn't ask for a better run and company thanks guys.  Until next time keep the miles rolling..

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Huge door just opened for me

Well yesterday I got a new job with my fathers company.  My father owns St. Germain's Cabinet Inc.  I applied for the sales job and I got it.  I've been secretly waiting for this job for around 5 years maybe more I don't know.  He is going to start me out slow so I don't eaten up and spit out.  I'm just super stoked cause this is a huge door that just opened for me.  I get my own office which will be weird at first.  I got flexible hours which will be nice for running.  I get off my feet a couple more days a week which will be nice too.  I'm going into this with lots of steam and can't wait to start.  So if you want something made with great quality please call me.  I'm just kidding no for real call me!  :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ramping up the miles

I'm super stoked this wk I love ramping up the miles it makes me feel like I'm doing something productive.  Nick has increased my mileage everyday this week and I love it.  Monday, I ran 45 min easy no big deal Tuesday 2 hrs moderately hard.  Everything is working great on my body which makes it even more enjoyable.  I'm little tired in the legs from yesterday so today will be really really easy.  Saturday I got a two hr run planned with my buddy Dave S can't wait should be a good run.  We are running the snowmobile trails low impact on the legs but harder on the Achilles:(  I keep you posted on how Saturday turns out.  I'm going to try my hardest not to get hit by a snowmobile.  :)