Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy week over three 100 mile weeks to come!!

Ok so last week was an easy recovery week, no hard running just easy short runs and two days off.  I really enjoyed this time down.  I'm feeling refreshed and ready for these 100 mile weeks to hit.  This is the most I've run ever and I'm loving it.  One of the best things about the hard effort you put into 100 mile weeks is you can eat what ever when ever you want.  It's great cause I love to eat and eating is all I do if I'm not running.  Some days I'm concerned for myself cause it really seems unnatural to eat that much food. 
This last Saturday I went out for a long run with Jonas and Greg R.  We started at the rose garden and worked our way to lester river ran up the snowmobile trails and over hawks ridge down snively and back down to the rose garden.  The run went great I felt really good and I could tell the others did also.  The run ended up being 2 hrs easy with total mileage of 14.55 miles.  Greg and Jonas are great company for running never have a dull moment with these two guys.  Looking forward to running with them more this spring.  I'm anxious to see what my new schedule is going to look like.  I know Nick has some added workouts he is working into this three wk block.  I'm just so pumped I'm not sure if I'll sleep tonight!!  Lets roll some miles!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Recovery Wk

Well this wk is an easy recover wk and I need it.  Everything is working perfect on my body but I'm tired.  Tired in a good way though.  This wk I'm only running a total of 51 miles which is pretty close to half of what I've been running these last couple of wks.  I'm goal is rest up enjoy the time down mentally and physically.  Maybe even get on my mnt bike a little on some trails.  Lets roll out some miles!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well yesterday I went solo on a long run.  I started little later in the day than usual but it was ok cause I needed the sleep.  I started out on the boardwalk worked my way to lester snowmobile trails.  My starting pace was around 7:20 per mile and I was feeling really good.  I was thinking it was a little fast but I stuck to it.  I hit the trail and my pace didn't drop much considering I was climbing uphill and on snow.  Worked my way to hawks ridge and looped around by amity creek.  I was 1:15 into my run and I needed to pick the pace up a bit more its what I had scheduled.  I settled in at a 6:08 6:18 pace and stayed there for 40 mins and I was still feeling amazing.  Its so much fun to run in a threshold pace its seems comfortable.  I cooled down for 30 mins and called it a day.  The run ended up being 20.5 miles I was happy.  I feel relatively recovered and ready for today's recover run.   I got 80 mins easy today on trails.  Heading out with Jonas and Henry and possible Dave.  Lets keep the miles rolling!!

slacking on posts

Ok yes I'n still running and running lots.  I've been putting in a ton of miles and my body is responding very well.  Of course there are some days that hurt more than others but no injuries.  Recap of two Saturdays ago I went out with Henry and  Tony we started out at a good pace.  We ran the north shore one of my favorite road runs.  Tony and Henry are pretty fun to run with.  Every time I go with guys time just slips by and its time for us to be done its crazy.  The inside jokes are none stop along these runs.  Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

sipping on tea

I'm sitting here writing sipping on tea getting ready to rip out a long run with Tony, and Henry.  Little nervous cause my legs are tired and I'm tired.  Planning on taking it real easy and progressing into a faster run.  As soon as I hit the 1.5 mark I should be ok.  I'm going to keep you posted on how this run turns out. 2.5 hrs progression here I come!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rolling rolling

Last Saturday was one of the best workouts I've had.  I ran with Henry, Tony, Adam and Jen.  I was out for a two and half hour run.  The rest the group were either out for an hour and half to two hours.  Tony, Henry and I went out pretty slow which was nice cause I needed some time to warm up. Adam and Jen went out like rockets didn't see them much the rest the run.  We had some pretty good laughs its always fun running with these guys.  We all have a pretty dry humor which makes it ton of fun.  At one point I was laughing so hard that I was crying and half choking.  Well Henry left us around 1:45 and Tony left me around 2 hrs.  I kept going for another half hour solo.  I picked the pace up a little cause that's what I was scheduled to do.  I ended up running the last 40 mins at a moderate pace ranging form 6:30 to 6:18.  Over all It was a great run and look forward to next weeks Saturday run.  Lets keep the miles rolling!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm very thankful for many things right now.  Sometimes it's easy to point out the negatives of a day, wk, year.  I want to write a little about the positives.  I'm super thankful for my friends that I've gotten to know over the years they are all great and great in different ways.  Thankful for my family they are very supportive and understanding when I mess things up.  Thankful for my job which has opened a whole other door for me.  Thankful for god trust and rely on him.  Lastly, I'm thankful for my health.  Health is so important it plays a big role in your everyday life so cherish it.  Step back once and awhile look at your life pick out things that your thankful for and smile.  Ok I'm done just felt like spitting that out. 

Transition is smooth

Well I've been running faster these last couple of days and I'm responding well.  I was a little concerned at first with how I was going to feel.  Tuesday I ran two hours.  I started out slow at a 8:30 pace for 30 min then pumped the pace to 6:18 6:20 for an hour with one bathroom break unexpected but needed.  After the hour I cooled down for 30 mins and I felt pretty good after wards.  Ice bath water good food and I was good to go.  I'm really really happy with my training this year so far and hope it continues.
I got an exciting call from one of my good buddies Dave S.  He asked me to be a groomsman in his wedding.  I'm super honored to be a groomsman for him.    Congrats Jen and Dave!!