Thursday, March 31, 2011

kinda a funny quad

The last couple of days I've had this funny quad.  I know I've mentioned it in the past blogs like its worse or it's getting better.  I'm pretty in tone with my body and monitor things pretty closely.  There are days that its better and I think I'm over the hump then there are days It's worse.  Today It was better and that makes me happy but I'm not turning my back to it.  It's a weird injury that I've never had before.  It's not really affecting my workouts yet so I'm not super concerned yet.  Like I said monitoring it, message, and ice! Lets roll out some miles!

Happy Birthday Nick M

Tuesday I adventured out with my coach Nick M.  We both had 2 hours scheduled for this workout.  At first my legs felt kinda tired but the longer we ran the better I felt.  I could tell Nick wanted to run faster but he held back for me.  We ran a pretty even pace throughout the run.  We had some pretty good laughs and talks.

Today I ran 1:45 from my apartment and I joined up with Nick again for a bit.  He ran around 37 mins with me easy real easy for preparation for tomorrows run.  I got another 30 mins of hills in the a.m. so I need the energy.  I'm getting really excited to race again.  I'm planning on racing fitgers again this year.  I'm excited to see where I'm at with my fitness.  I didn't register on time for this race but I was able to get in luckily:) Ohh its my coaches birthday today so wish him a happy bday!!   Lets keep the miles rolling!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morning run

It was such a beautiful morning for a run.  I got up dresses put the shoes on and watch.  Looked in the mirror and said to myself man I look tired.   I almost took everything off and went back to bed and gave myself a big fat zero for the day but I didn't.  I went out ran and loved every second of it!!  Its weird I never ever want to run early in the morning but once I get up and out the door I'm good.  I pounded out around 5 miles or so and did some dynamic stretches and called it a morning.  I got another big workout planned for this evening with hills so I'm mentally and physically preparing for it.  I am tired so this workout is going to be hard and I'm expecting just that.  If you don't know me very well here is an interesting fact about me.  I give everything I do 100% even if I know I'm terrible at it.  Sometimes this kills me and makes things very difficult when they don't have to be.  Another interesting fact about me is I never register for a race until the last min.  I will be the last to register almost everytime:)  If you know Dave Shunni he could voulch for me.  Lets roll out some hills tonight!! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling Sick

Ok this was really weird after my long run today I started to feel really really sick.  I took a shower got dressed and headed out for dinner with Jaime and her friends.  Along the car ride I looked over at Matt and said could you pull the car over if I sick.  He said boy you better not get sick in my car.  I ended closing my eyes and deep breathing and making it to the restaurant.  Once I ate something and drank a little I was a thousand times better.  Weirdness... still wondering what went wrong.

Ok I got lost

I had a long run planned Saturday which was yesterday.  The rain was coming down like cats and dogs.  Jaime was willing to come with me on a bike which was really cool.  We both suited up with rain jackets and headed out for 2.5 hrs.  I made it about 6.5 miles and I noticed that my watch went dead.  I asked Jaime if she wanted to keep going or head back home.  She didn't mind staying out and I was running thoughts though my head like I'm pulling the plug.  I ended up heading back and making it my Sundays run 80 mins. 

Ok today I went for round two for the 2.5 hr run.  Jaime was willing to come with again which was great for company.  Everything was working pretty good physically on my lower half which I was happy with considering that my quad was on fire the last couple of days.  Ok here is the spooky weird part at about 10.4 miles in I decided to turn around and head home.  The road I was on didn't look the same as the one I came in on.  Here I am middle of no where lost and confused.  I stopped looked around analyzed the situation.  We both decided we would take this alternate route which ended up just looping around coming back to where we started.  Now I'm starting to get nervous so we took another road that did the same thing.  My mind was turning hard now thinking what to do.  I was thinking ok Jaime has a cell phone I'm sure and we could call her friend.  No cell phone, no numbers:(  To make a long story short the road we  were on was just this big loop and we were doing these mile loops.  We made it home safley with a mile totaling in at 20.5 miles for the day.  Overall glad I got the run in my quad feels better. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I'm having a real good time in the Carolinas. I've been keeping to my running schedule pretty well considering the traveling. Last night Jaime and I went out for dinner at a japanese resturant. The food was amazing I couldn't even begin to explain how good it was. After dinner we went out for drinks and toured the city a bit. What a great city very pretty and very big. It's raining today so we plan on going out for dinner then hot tube. It's been a great time so far!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here are my new jogging glasses!

Saturday's run

We took off from the rose garden with Jonas R and Gregg R.  We starting at a very solid pace and we stayed there the whole duration of the run.  This run was so effortless for me and it seemed that way for Gregg and Jonas too.  Compared to last Saturday's run what a difference.  I was about to cab it home last Saturday.  I had so much fun laughing with these guys.  The longer we ran the faster and the funnier the jokes got.  It's amazing how fast time goes when your with good company.  I decided to wear these funky glasses just to get a reaction out of people.  Well Gregg and Jonas made clear how ridiculous I looked in them.  Gregg grabs them from me and puts them on and immediately I told Gregg he looks stupid.  He looks at me and said how do you think you looked for the LAST 1.5 HOURS!!!!   I was laughing so hard and replied good point Gregg good point.  I know what Gregg is getting for his birthday.  Over all great run great friends think we ran 16 miles no idea:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Got tickets to Ak and NC

I'm going to do some traveling this summer.  Next Thursday I'm heading to NC.  I'm visiting one of Jaime's friends it should be a good time.  I'm looking forward to meeting her and running in warmer weather.  In July I'm heading to Alaska for some fishing, running and relaxing.  I love Alaska its kinda like home away from home.  I lived there once in Denali for 3 months.  It was one of my best summers I've had.  It will be nice to go back and visit.  I'm also researching some races to run while up there.  I'll keep you posted on how the trips pan out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nick the machine!

I went running with my coach Nick M last night.  We both had 1:45 scheduled for the workout.  We started at a 7:30 pace which quickly fell into a 6:50 6:45 pace with not much effort.  I kept glancing at my watch wondering if we should slow it down a bit but it felt good.  I could tell Nick felt good too he runs with such ease.  We made our way to 40th ave W and ripped up the hill to skyline.  I took the lead for the first half mile or so and I could here Nicks foot strike right next to me.  We hit the switch back and Nick passes me and I'm kinda like dang it :).  He passed me like I was walking slowly I couldn't let him slip away so I gave it everything I had to stay on his heals. We made it to the top and I just about bursted  into flames.  My heart rate was around 180ish I think and Nick looks at me gives me high five and says keep going run out the acid you will feel better soon.  He was right I felt really good about 1 mile later and I glanced at my watch and we were running 5:50 pace with ease.  We both laughed and said ok slow it down and lets jog this home.  The run ended up being 15.25 miles with lots of laughs and thoughts.  Thanks Nick

Monday, March 14, 2011

100.5 miles last wk and a well needed rest wk ahead

Well I ran two weeks straight over 100 miles.  My body feels pretty good no injuries so that's positive.  I'm starting to feel really fit.  Some of my workouts throughout the weeks are just faster and easier.  Well take some of them with a grain of salt cause I've had others that have gone terrible.  Over all though I'm noticing some big improvements and that makes me happy.  Saturday I ran with Greg R and Jonas R for a long run.  Jonas was going out and back 2 hours and Greg and I were going out 2.5 hours.  Well Greg was kinda going by feel and that's what he closed the door with.  I felt terrible the whole way out and the whole way back.  I hit a hour ten and I thought I was going to call a cab.  If I wasn't running with these guys I'm not sure what I would have done.  I didn't recover very well after either.  I ate well hydrated well but I sat and was shivering for around a hour or so.  My Sundays run was great I ran 30 mins at 5:44 pace to 5:30 pace.  You just never know how things will turn.  Lets keep the miles rolling..

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

It's so weird how fast time goes sometimes.  It seems the older I get the faster time goes.  Part of me wants to push a pause button and stay right here at 30 years old.  I remember when my dad was 30 years old and I would think gosh he is old.  Now I'm 30 and I don't feel much older than high school age.  Ok well maybe I feel little wiser than high school but I'm still a kid at heart.  Not sure if I will ever go up.  Life is so much fun to take seriously.  Of course there are some things you must take seriously but try to smile, laugh, think open minded, and have fun.  When life throws you a curve ball step back breath and try to realize things will get better.  Sometimes that curve ball could be the best thing that could have happened to you.  You might not realize it at first, but great things can and will happen.  Love-eat-pray! Eat-pray-love!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting excited

I'm getting really excited to start racing.  I know that I don't have the speed nor confidence yet.  These two things will come with time and I understand that.  Sometimes I like to get jumpy race everything I possible can.  This year I have Nick my coach to guide me from over racing.  When race time comes I'll be ready!!   


Today I went out for a two hour run.  The run started out pretty rickety.  My legs felt like two bricks attached at the ankles.  In my mind I was ummm lets maybe not run two hours today.  Things slowly started to turn around legs feeling lighter and mind feeling optimistic.  I meet my buddy Henry three miles in and we ran for a hour ten together.  We had some good chats about life and solving the worlds problems as usual. :) I left Henry and finished out the run at two hours.  Over all I was really happy with this run.  Lets keep the miles rolling...