Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yesterday's run

Yesterday I heading out on the Lester River Coggs trails.  My partner in crime was Deb my cousin.  The pace started out pretty fast for me but comfortable for Deb.  I was breathing like I was running a 5k but it felt good.  We looped up around Hawks Ridge and along the river.  It was really beautiful out and a little muddy but we didn't care.  Points along the run we had to stop and scrap off all the mud on the bottoms of our shoes.  The mud was really cramping my running form I could tell cause Deb was laughing pretty hard at me.  The run ended up being 57 mins 5.7 miles.  Planning on returning to the trails today cant wait!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Starting slow

I went out for a hour run today and it felt great!  I had no concept of my pace or time I'm just guessing it was a hour long run.  I just wanted to breath fresh air and hit the road.  My strides were solid and smooth my breathing was little jagged for the first half hour or so.  I can still feel the twinge in my lower calf this is a injury I picked up at the whisltestop half marathon.  I'm a little concern about this twinge but I'm still able to run smoothly.  I'm on my 4th week of rest from last years season a kinda recycle period for me.  It just helps me clear my head and get rid of these twinges that I have pick up.  My goal is to run when I feel like it and start training again in another 2 weeks.  Looking forward to some more solid runs this next season.