Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How my artwork reflects on me

I've been interested in artwork as far back as I can remember in my 33 years of existence.  I remember playing in my dad's workshop finding random things and making artwork or maybe they were toys back then but today I see them as artwork.  I took classes in high school to fill that artistic void of mine.  I took stain glass, ceramics, pottery, photo shop, painting, sculpturing.  I just love creating random abstract pieces and still do.  In college I took pottery for a couple years and a class on sculpturing.  Those classes sharpened my interest for today's artistic view.  Today, I'm really into creating abstract paintings.  I love picking the random colors and visualizing the flow of the paints.  To most people it looks like a piece of crap or nothing.  To me I see beauty and meaning inside each piece.  Each piece I make holds a story and a chapter in my life.  When I look at the pieces I've created they remind me of the different past chapters some make me smile some make think.  In some of my pieces I've written a story or word in the back ground then I cover it with another color.  The cool thing about that is the word or sentence is always there but not to the naked eye.  All my pieces I make come from recycled material.  The paints, the frame all from the trash.  It's someone else's trash and it's my treasure.  It then gets created into a beautiful piece to enjoy.  I'm really big on using the colors black and white at the moment.  For some reason the black color just pops out and I really like the way it lays.  I have this idea for a new painting and it came to me this last week.  It's going to be 9" wide by 6' long and it will be staggered two identical pieces. The painting will be my legs running but you won't be able to pick the design out clearly unless you read this or really know me as person.  Like I said before every piece I have created has something like that hidden inside it.  I have some pieces that are darker then others and I keep them around because they remind me the positive direction I'm going today.

When I run I get a runners high and it's amazing. If you have ever or never experienced the runners high I would recommend going out for a jog after a long days work and I bet you feel better after then when you started. It's not the only reason I run though.  I run because of the competitiveness in me and it's my social outlet.  I get a very similar feeling wig artwork.  I get this runners painters high.  It's pretty cool to have another outlet other then running.  Grab a paint brush and paint.  Grab a pair of running shoes and run.

Stay classy!

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  1. hey nice post mehn. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled How Personal Development Has Helped Me Grow In Life So Far .
    keep up the good work.