Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What Christmas Means To Me....

When I was child, Christmas meant opening gifts and getting stuff you wished for.  It was all about dreaming big and going through the pennies catalog circling the gifts you dreamt about. You didn't have to worry about giving gifts to others because it was all about you.  Today, I see Christmas In a different lens.  I actually love buying gifts for others.  I love spending time with friends and family and trying to surprise them with gifts or just being with them.  Being able to have one/one conversations with relatives/friends that you have not seen in many months is priceless.  Being able to see your 90 year old grandpa smile and wish you merry Christmas is priceless.  Being able to watch your little nieces open their gifts from you and come over hug you and say thank you uncle Dave, priceless.  I couldn't be more blest with the family/friends that I have.  I'm not bragging or trying to make anyone feel that my life is perfect because it's not but I'm blessed with my family/ friends and I'm willing to recognize it.  I have 4 sisters, 5 nieces and nephews, 3 living grandparents, two amazing parents, (Pam and John) and who knows how many friends? Yup, I'm the only boy but that's okay because, I prefer that.

 I also wanted to mention my friends, I couldn't say better things about them.  There really is no perfect word for them.  I do recognize that my friends make me whole and I hope I make them whole in a little way as well. You know how you put a puzzle together.  I see all my friends as a puzzle piece and each is place around me and me them in the perfect spot, hope that makes sense? They are what make this huge play ground called earth amazing to explore.  Okay, I will give it a shot for the perfect word to call them...."thankfully blessed".   I know it doesn't sound quite right, but it's really difficult to find that perfect word.  Well, 2013 Christmas is leaving us and the best parts of life are in front of use.  Smile, make someone smile and Merry Christmas.  Do one thing for me if you are reading this recognize what YOU are blessed with.

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