Friday, April 29, 2011

Running update

It's been kinda hard these last couple of weeks no running and no working out.  My leg just seems to not want to improve and I'm starting to get nervous.  I'm giving myself 4 wks and I think I'll get it looked at again.  I do know that fractures can take some time to heal so I'm being patient.  Patients seems to not wanna be in my vocabulary though so that's where I struggle.  When I return its going to be great though I can feel it.  I feel that I will be a stronger runner and more knowledgeable to when I need to call it quits.  Until I then lets keep the miles rolling!!:)

The desk turned out great!  It took me around 4 hours to fully complete but that's ok cause those directions were difficult. I'm better at building things from a picture.  Give me a picture and I can build it outta wood.

My next project is painting my car hood.  I bought paint last night and bought a new car hood too.  My car got hit by someone in December and thought it would be a great idea to  tackle this project so far so good.  I got it painted today and waiting for it to dry for the clear coat.  I've never done auto painting before so this is kinda fun.  I just hope it doesn't peel down the road:(  I'll keep you posted on this project.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Updating my apartment

This is kinda funny I'm a carpenter and I need to update this desk in my place.  I've been wanting to do this for some time now.  This morning I woke up and said to myself I'm going to start today.  My father built this desk for me way back in the day probably when I was 13 years old or so.  I've got great use out of it but it's time to say good bye.  Here's the kicker though so remember I'm a carpenter well I'm going to buy one.  I found a real n ice glass and steal one at office max that will fit perfect.  I'm slowly going to dismantle the desk and toss it in the garbage the bigger wood pieces or going to my fathers shop to get ground down into little pieces then reused for fuel.  I have a hard time building things for myself cause it's kinda the last thing I want to do after work is work.  I'll keep you updated on how it goes!  Can't wait to see it in place!    

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aqua jogging

Ok aqua jogging is a lot harder then it sounds.  The hardest part is trying to stay focused mentally.  I watched the clock for the whole hour and it was kinda painful.  The physical end of the workout was kinda fun though.  It didn't really raise my heart rate much.  I maxed out at 100 beats per min which is not high at all.  I tried really hard to push up into the 130-140 range but just couldn't get there.  I talked with my coach Nick and he mentioned that I should be swinging my arms just as fast as my legs and that's were I went wrong.  Tomorrow is round two so the we will see what I can do.  I got a new goal in mind and that makes me excited.  It gives me something to look forward too.  I'm calling grandma's half marathon a wash and just going to run it if I'm healed by then.  I'll keep you posted on the race I'm going to run in the fall.  I'm started to feel good about the future and excited to x-train my heart out these next couple of weeks.  I do have to tell you I don't like smelling like chlorine after getting out of the pool but until I'm strong enough I'm stuck there.  Let's keep the paddling going!!  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

new outlook

Ok there has been a little bump in my training this last couple of weeks.  Training has been going really well these last months and I've been super happy with my fitness.  I know I've mentioned that my quad has been bothering me pretty bad on and off.  I've been super confused to what it could be.  I did have it looked at and it seems to be a small stress fracture on my left femur which is not the end of the world but something I have to take care of.  I have a pretty stubborn personality and I'm working on that. :)  I've come to terms that I need to take some time off no running or high impact.  I find this really hard not running mentally and physically.  It almost seems harder mentally then physically.  My plan to recovery is going to start tomorrow with some aqua jogging.  I'm planning on aqua jogging as much as I can or time permits.  I also plan on adding more calcium to my diet that should help with healing and prevention in the future.  I'm lactose intolerant so it makes it hard to consume enough calcium in my daily diet.  I feel like I'm on the right track to recovery and optimistic for the future.  I didn't race Fitgers 5k cause of the fracture which is ok cause I got to cheer on some of my best friends.  It was a different perspective watching the race on the sidewalk.  I super stoked that Gregg R placed third he ripped that race up!  I'll keep you posted on my recovery until then lets keep the aqua jogging paddling!!  

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This week has been a little different for me training wise.  My left quad is kinda rusty and not firing right.  It's not an injury at this point but something I wanna monitor closely.  I've spoke with Nick my coach and we both agreed to switch my training this wk to shake the rust out so to speak.  I could tell we made the right move on taking some rest days this wk.  It has been good for me mentally and physically.  The plan for next wk is up in the air yet and subject to change.  I'm racing Fitger's 5k so I'm little nervous I won't be at 100% by then but it is what it is.  I'm still planning on going out there and giving it 100% !  I was kinda pumped when I got my bib number they gave me the number 5 which is the lowest number I've ever had in duluth.  My buddy Gregg R has the number 3 which is pretty neat too he deserves it!  Well lets roll out some miles!  See you at the race!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So much beauty in life

Over the last couple of months I've found so much beauty in life.  So much beauty out there in so many people and so many places that I never new existed.  I like to look at life as this big adventure and take it one day at a time.  Really step back slow your day down and make something beautiful happen weather its a nice compliment to someone, gift for someone, or a helping hand.  Just do something to brighten someone elses day a little more.   Not only will you feel good about doing it but your spreading beauty and love in a none threatening way.  Plus you never know something or someone might knock back at your door when your feeling blue.  The word pure has many definitions and here is the definition I like to use it as:  free of extraneous elements of any kind I got to witness the word pure in someone this weekend and it was amazing.  That person taught me something I never knew and I will carry that knowledge with me and share with others. Here is a pretty cool quote I looked up: Life is short so kiss slowly laugh insanely love truly and forgive quickly. What I'm trying to get across is keep smiling,  keep opening doors, keep interacting, keep loving, keep forgiving, keep giving, and keep god close.