Friday, December 31, 2010

Not running related

Some interesting things I've learned over the last couple months about myself.  I've been through some very difficult things emotionally.  I'm constantly learning about myself which is great and I love it.  Life is a big journey and you should try and live in the moment not in the future.  The future is uncertain and you could miss it.  Move on from your mistakes learn from them it healthy.  Your mistakes are what makes you a more rounded person.  This is a tough one for me but don't blame accept your own faults.  Blaming will only eat you up and spit you out, maybe not at first but could eventually.  This one is a big for me to practice its forgiveness, forgive yourself and forgive others.  Forgiving doesn't mean that your saying that it was ok what someone else did to you or someone else.  Forgiveness is letting yourself heal and the ability to move forward.  It's a healthy step to let go of deep pain inside of you.  It's something that doesn't happen over night and it takes time.  If your able to forgive your able to move on.  I'm starting to believe that what happens in life happens for a reason.  You can look back at the bad things that happened in your life and never forgive and constantly blame I would recommend you stop.   Another important word I've learned is excepting fault.  Excepting fault from your actions will make you a better person.  Always being right and not accepting fault can and will be self destructing to yourself.  Look at the life changing things that have happened and learn from them, move forward, and live in the moment.  Sorry I just felt like spitting that out at you guys:)  

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jumping around on treadmills

Well this last week of training has been great!  I'm exactly were I want to be with the time I have left until race day.  Saturday no running just ate tons and tons of cookies and banana bread.  I was doing my best not to start eating cookies, but I gave in and stuffed my face.  It's funny my goal was not to eat anything bad this holiday season.  I struggle with holidays cause the sweets and foods are just sooo dang good. 
Sunday, I ran two hrs on treadmill at Miller Dawn.  I usually run at CSS but they were closed for the holidays.  It turned out to be a great run.  I had Jen Houck running on the treadmill mill next to me which made the my workout seem easy.  She was up for the holidays and just so happened to have a similar workout as me.  Monday, easy recovery nothing special just running to get the rust out of the legs. lets roll out some miles.:)   

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Progressing in the right direction

This weeks workouts have been great.  I've been carbon copying the last three weeks.  Trying to shake out all the rust from the legs.  Everything is functioning the way I want it now.  This next week I have a change of pace.  I will  be factoring in quality workouts and 1 long run.  I'm super excited to see how I respond to Nick's style of training. The great thing about Nick's training style is we are open with tweaking things as needed.  Got a long run I'm shifting to Sunday and taking Saturday off for Christmas.   Running 1 hr tomorrow and easy Friday.  Hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 recap

I'm not sure how to describe 2010, and there are things I don't feel comfortable telling.  Lets just say my personal life got flipped upside-down.  I'm still hoping to land on my feet one of these days safely.  Everyday I feel more right side up.  I'm looking forward to learning from my mistakes and making 2011 the best year yet.

I am super happy with my 2010 running.  I had some ups and downs, but for the most part everything was great.  I was being coached by Jason Kask ( and we worked on preparing me for the 1 mile.  He helped bring me to a new level of training and I thank him for that.  For the season I ended up PR'ing in the 5k, 15k, half marathon, and the one mile.  I happy and thankful for these times.
1 mile: 4:44
5k: 16:05
15k: 54:02
Half Marathon: 1:16:09
I have great feelings about 2011 so lets keep miles rolling.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's been a roller coaster

Today I ran two hours on treadmill and I'm glad I did.  It started out slow real slow 10 min pace and I was having doubts if I could even complete this workout 5 min in.  I was not there mentally, I had other things on my mind and I couldn't shake it.  Thirty mins rolled by and I felt that little spark you get when your all warmed up and ready to rip.  It was at that point I new the workout was going to be successful.  I let 60 min drift by and then I started thinking about increasing the pace.  I put the pace at 6:58 and rolled out another 30 mins and I was feeling good.  I put the pace a little faster for the last 30 mins 6:30 and held on no problem.  I am real pleased with this run.  I hope this is a turning point for me cause its been a roller coaster of ups and downs mentally and physically.  This run completes my week looking forward to next week.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

x-training today

Today I decided to x-train and it was a great choice.  I pedaled a bike for 1 hr and rode the waves of an elliptical for 1/2 a hour.  For me its hard to get into that groove that I feel when running. My week is kinda messed up a little regarding my running schedule but that's ok.  I like to take x-train days when needed I think it keeps one from getting injured.  It's something I have learned over the last year the hard way.  Looking forward into the rest of my week.  I got an easy run tomorrow and long run Saturday.  Saturday is the run I'm preparing for so Friday will be real easy and real short. Lets roll back some miles!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chasing the sun

I started my run at Hartley Nature Center.  I had an hr and 40 mins to accomplish today easy.  I started out real easy 9 min pace and stayed the duration of the run.  It was just great to be outside again, the fresh air, the crackling snow, and the sun setting .  The footing was great, I ran in Asic ds trainers no yaks.  I slipped a little but nothing I couldn't handle.  This was my first attempt being outside sense my hip injury and it well.  I am a little sore on my right IT band.  I will be monitoring that issue the next couple of days.  Along my run I passed a couple familiar faces and gave the head tip and hello.  I also came across this deer that was in the trail just standing there looking at me.  I come across deer all the time but this one just stood there and I came right up to it.  I could have touched it with my hand and pet it.  I chose not to pet it and continued on.   If your looking for a great slow run I would recommend Hartley its just so beautiful this time of year to pass up.  I'm going roll out some more miles tomorrow on the treadmill can't wait!! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Hour Treadmill

Yup I ran two hours on a treadmill and it was fun! No tv no ipod just good company to run along side.  It started out little slow 9 min pace for a mile or so just to get the cobwebs out of the legs.  I increased the pace everything 15 min or so until I reached a pace of 6:44 min mile.  I stayed at that pace for 40 min and it felt great!  I usually don't drink water but this workout I had water and I think it helped my recovery time cause today I could of done the same workout twice.  I'm super optimistic about this up coming week I'm anxious to see what I have scheduled.  The hip is recovering well and my mind is in the game.  Lets roll out some miles:)   

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Focus change

Last year I focused my whole season on the 1 mile.  I training many of my workouts on the track at UMD.  I was running 1mile repeats, 800 repeats, 400 repeats and 200 repeats.  It was fun and challenging at the same time.  I like that feeling when it hurts and you just keep going.  I ended up running a 4:44 for the mile.  I was happy cause it was a PR, but I was also hoping to see that 4:39 at the finish line also.  It seems you always want more meaning faster times when it comes to running.  I gotta teach myself that a improvement is an improvement or what we runners call a PR (personnel record) but I'm hungry for more.   I'm switching things around this year and going to train for the half marathon.  I feel I got some unsettled business at grandma's half marathon.  To be completely honest I've never had a good race there yet.  I've always bonked or felt sluggish so this year I'm going to fix that.  I got a new coach Nick M that wants to work with me and I'm super super pumped.  From last Sunday to race day I will be focusing on grandma's half marathon.  My goal time...well... I'll get back to you on that or maybe never tell you until after race day when I've PR'd.:)  I will tell you my previous PR 1:16.09 Whistle Stop Half 2010.  I get kinda superstitious when I tell people times so I'm starting to keep it quiet or over shoot my time.  I'm looking forward to a great season looking forward to meeting great people along the way.  Of course looking forward to running with the great people I've met so far.     

Friday, December 10, 2010

Staying with the treadmill

My running is starting to improve little by little.  Thursday, I ran 1 hr at comfortable pace of 7 flat... it felt good.  I love the feeling when everything in your body is working the way you want it to.  I usually do a systems check of my body about 15 min into my run.  The run ended up being a good confidence buster for me.  These last couple weeks with injuries has been hard mentally and physically.  I needed this run to click and it did just that.

Today's run was scheduled for 30 min easy.  I chose to run on the treadmill cause of my injured hip flexor.  I want to keep my muscles as warm as possible cause of the injury so running outside at the moment is out of the picture.  Everything seemed to click real well today.  I'm super stoked for tomorrows run which will be 2 hrs easy on the treadmill.  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Treadmill Run

Today I was on the treadmill for a 1hr 40 min easy run.  I set the pace at 9 min and hung on until 30 min past.  After about 35 min past I cranked it up to 8 min pace and sat there until I completed my workout.  I was feeling crappy real crappy through the whole workout.  I'm coming off a series of injuries and it just been frustrating, so running more than 30 min is extremely difficult at the moment.  I have a new coach that is working with me and he is great we have similar views on running and training.  The next couple of weeks are going to be easy runs until I heal up and feel myself again.  I'm looking forward some hard training and some fast running.   

Winter Mountain Biking

Last Saturday was my first time out winter mountain biking and it was great!  I headed out on the trails at lester river with Dave S my weekend worrier friend.  We started a slow steady climb for about 4 miles.  My legs were burning, burning bad I could tell Dave was ok he was leading as he usually does.  He is a much stronger biker than me so i'm ok with that cause my goal is to ride with him with the ease someday.  We made it to the top at Hawks Ridge and I couldn't fell my toes.  I'm thinking to myself I still got an hr at least until I could warm those toes up I'm screwed. :(  Well it only took another 15 mins and I noticed my toes were smoking hot and I was content.  We circled around came down Amity River and coasted back to Lester Park through the Coggs Trails.  What a great way to enjoy the day couldn't ask for a better ride!  We plan on riding on snow lots more this winter come join..