Friday, September 10, 2010

Hartley run

Today I chose to run Hartley Nature Center Trails and what a good choice.  I wanted something out of the wind and easy on the legs.  It was fairly dry and pleasant being out of the east wind.  I was about 20 min into my run and I ran into one of my good buddies Adam L.  He was biking and I was running of course.  I asked to tag along for some company.  It was more difficult than I thought trying to stay with him.  I didn't want my heartrate to skyrocked so I backed of and let him rip.  I ended up running around 9 miles and 1:15 for time on trails.  What a great day for a run on trails. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another great run at Lester Park

Today I ended up running an easy 2 hrs, half on trails half on pavement.  I was accompanied by Dave S and Gregg R.  We headed up the Coggs trail out of Lester Park.  The trail was amazing dry for the most part and just enough shade to keep one cool while running.  The pace was easy which I was thankful for cause, I didn't want to push it today.  The other guys seem to have the same thing in mind.  I ended up running around 15.5 miles total which was on the lower end for 2 hrs.  The trail really seems to slow a person down which can be good cause it was an easy day.  At the end of my run I could have kept going but I stopped which was  rewarding.  Legs felt great after I recovered fast and ready for the next run :) 

First Blog

I'm just setting this blog site up I have lots of good stuff to come!!