Monday, August 13, 2012

Two years waiting

Those of you who know me know that I have not run well these last couple of years.  I went through a separation of marriage and I fractured my femur.  These two things kinda put a hold on my running so to speak.  Lately I've teamed up with one of my best friends Gregg Robertson as a training partner.  It helps to have someone push you and get you out of bed in the a.m.  The point of this blog entry is things are starting to come around fitness wise for me and it puts a smile on my face.  We put so many hours in training one just hopes to feel a positive return.  I'm training smart, eating smart, and getting rest in the evenings.  These three key ingredients will help me further my training in the right direction.   More blogs soon to follow...lets keep the miles rolling.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My apartment that I live in just got two new treadmills.  I've been pushing for these treadmills for about a year now.  If you don't know me that well I'm a treadmill runner in the morning and in the evenings I'm more of road/trail runner.  The weekends I like to hit the roads or local trails.  I think it's a good balance.  Planning on racing tomorrow night at the local NMTC series so we will see what happens.  I'm trying to build my threshold a little bit with these races.  I have tons of endurance but need the speed so these races will help.

 Looking forward to this weekend heading to Seattle for a wedding.  One of my buddies from grade school asked me to be the best man.  I'm very honored to stand up for him.  Been writing my speech for the last couple of weeks.  Practicing out loud couple times a day.  I better not choke. Lets roll out some miles!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SHT Trail

Today we head up the North Shore for some trail running. I headed out with Dave S, Chris R, and Ryan F.  We took off in a comfortable pace not pushing to hard but I was not feeling really good.  My stomach was kinda flipping like a flap jack in a fry pan.  What ever though I still loved every second of my run.  The terrain was extremely difficult many ups and many downs.  I'm not talking about your easy rollers, I'm talking about some major power hikes ups and downs.  My running is really in a slump I can't seem to get my mojo going.  I think I'm still kinda tired from my trip to Canada.  Taking an easy rest of the week then working into some more structured workouts.  Ok enough of the negative thoughts.  I'm looking forward to this summer for more serious racing and training.  I'm planning on putting the focus tank on these next couple of months and really get fit. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I'm off to the mighty woods of Canada to spend some time with my cousin and couple of his buddies.  This will be my longest leg of not running in about a year.  I'm kinda nervous that I will loose fitness.  In the big picture though it won't even matter I know but you always think about it.  I've never been to this part of Canada camping so it should be an adventure.  Sounds like the bugs are terrible and it might rain perfect conditions for five days in the wilderness. I do really enjoy exploring and being away with no technology it kinda forces you to enjoy the company and yourself.  I'll keep you posted when I get back from the trip.  For those of you able to run these next five days you know what I'm going to say.  Roll out some miles for me!  See ya in a week.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marketing Idea

I just came up with a marketing idea.  It has to do with running and I think it could really take off.  It's a relatively  simple design and believe there could be a small place for it.  It's in the design phase and needs some tweaks and such.  I'm going to propose it to a local company here in duluth to see what happens.  I'll keep you posted when done with prototype.  Lets roll out some miles..

Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Harbors into Duluth

Saturday I had a long progression run planned with Gregg Roberston, John Heitzman, and Dillion Johnson.  We planned to leave Duluth at 7 a.m. sharp for Two Harbors.  Along the drive up we placed water bottles strategically where we would needed them to refuel.  We lined up on the starting of Grandma's Marathon.  I looked at the others and my heart was starting to pound in anticipation of this run.  I heard all four watches beep and we were off.  The first couple miles were pretty controlled around 7:30 pace.  These miles felt super easy and one after another they passed with little or no effort and I was sitting really confident with my running.  We picked up the pace little by little coming in the 14th mile and I could tell I was starting to feel uncomfortable but still strong.  The wind was a straight head wind at about 15 miles hour.  The pace was now at around 6:30 pace.  Gregg could tell we were starting to hurt a little and he suggested that we start drafting each other to conserve energy.   We took turns leading the group for 3 min intervals to help break the wind.  I was hunkering down when I was in the back of the pack trying to focus and relax, when it was my turn to lead I took charge and jumped up into the front and lead.  It was really starting to get hard around 16 miles and I was starting to get nervous.  At round 18 miles things really started fall apart.  Keep in mind we were still running 6:30 pace into the wind so the effort was probably 6:10 pace or faster.  Dillion started to hurt and he dropped off the group and not two mins later I dropped off the group and started to really slow.  I had a 7:24 min mile around 19 miles in and I was kinda ticked about it.  I regrouped and the paced picked up I was feeling ok.  I was running alone for the last 2 miles and mentally it was difficult.  I could see the finish line and I gave it everything I had to bring the last mile in at 6:45 pace.  My average pace was 6:59 for 22 miles I was pretty happy about that.  Thanks guys for the great run lets keep rolling them out.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fox Farm

Sunday morning.... Tony, Dillion and I headed out to Fox Farm road for an easy 16 miler.  We loaded up into my car and headed north to the trail head.  We gel'd up and took our last sips of water.  Tony lead us up the trail for the first 8 miles we had a nice consistent pace and I was really enjoying this run.  The first mile was up hill a slow grinder but felt good to tap into the hurt tank.  The weather was kinda misting and over cast but comfortable for running.  When we reached 8 miles we took a little breather and gel'd up again.  Dillion lead us on the way back and the paced picked up.  I was just on the verge of being uncomfortable.  I didn't say anything and just rolled out the miles.  The mist started to come down as rain at about 13 miles and I was really starting to enjoy the rain falling off my face.  I looked at my watch and we were at 15.75 and I knew what I wanted to do.  I wanted to put the hammer down on Tony and Dillion.  I started pushing the pace and I could tell Tony could feel me behind him cause he picked up the pace as well.  I was just about to pass him and he hammers it down and I just couldn't squeeze by him.  We ended the run at 16.1 miles...what a fun run.  Tony brought a cooler of beers and I brought donuts and we sat under a pine tree drinking beers and eating donuts.  Probably not the best recover drinks and foods but it was a blast.  Blessed to have friends like you guys!!  Thanks!!  Lets roll out some miles.. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wedding plans

Not my wedding!  My buddy Matt is getting married this summer in Seattle.  He asked me to be the best man in their wedding. He is getting married to a beautiful lady named Emily.  She is a real sweetheart.  I was super stoked that he asked me to stand up for him.  I'm planning on flying out to Seattle on June 1st for 4 days.  I'm pretty excited for this adventure with some of my best friends from grade school.  I will start planning my speech soon.  I like lots of time to plan things out like this.  Matt and I lived together in Duluth as room mates during college. We reconnect in Yellowstone National Park as room mates.  We reconnected again in Alaska as neighbors.  I have a ton of history with this guy which will make this speech pretty easy for me to write.  It's funny how we can live so far apart but still be best buds.  It so fun to see other people in love and planning a life together.  These two are a perfect match and I can't wait to celebrate with them.  Congrats you two.  Lets roll out some miles..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend runs

I had a pretty solid week of training.  I've been super patient with my training these last couple of months.  Nothing really exciting has happened and finally things are really coming around.  My workouts are becoming easy and fun and that's when I know that things are clicking.  I'm transitioning into an easy workout week which is perfect timing.  I have a slight twinge in my lower calf its the same thing I had last year.  I'm not super concerned but I am aware of it.  I have couple easy days this week then back to the grind and I'm excited for the easy week and the grind to follow.  Planning on running a half marathon in a couple of weeks should be a blast.  I'm not racing it but I'll be training through it and having fun.

I had a fun weekend of training.  I got the chance to run with many many of my friends and that's amazing!  I love every single one of them in a different way.  I'm very thankful for the friends I do have.  It's pretty funny cause each of them bring something completely different to the table and I like that.  I'm very blessed!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little up-date

My running is really starting to feel natural.  I'm really pleased with my last two weekends.  I felt strong mentally and physically.  I'm in no shape to race at this point in my training but my long runs are becoming fun and easy.  I have been putting on more miles these last couple of weeks.  I'm pushing into the low 70 miles.... I believe a week which is pretty decent.  I normally run by time so I don't really have an accurate number for miles.  I'm very optimistic of this coming year.  I've had some good friends to run with these last couple of months so it makes running even better then it is.  I'm a lot smarter hydrating and eating better.  We will see what happens until then lets roll some miles out!! 

On a different note==I have no up date with my mother.  I tried calling for a check-in but no go.  Things are not good lets just say that.  It's a sad deal and I gotta learn to deal with the pain.  I understand that feeling numb is a bad deal but something I need to feel to move forward on the healing process.  Have not been sleeping very well which is due to stress I'm sure but really don't feel comfortable chatting yet.   

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I don't know what to do

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that something bad has happened to my mother.  Well it turns out it is getting worse and I'm not sure what to do, say, or feel. I feel completely numb and angry.  I'm not sure why I'm upset but I am.  Hmm it hurts and cuts deep.  I normally don't show that I'm hurting on an everyday basis.  I'm pretty good at hiding my feelings.  I am hurting tonight tho and would love the pain to go away.  I pray for you mom!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Running is going really well.  Today I ran with dodge ball=ryan, deb, and gregger!  What a fun group to be in company with.  I had such a great time laughing and cracking jokes at each other.  We ran snowmobile trails and roads.  The snowmobile trails were crazy wet but fun.  If you ever get a chance try to run with these guys they won't let you down.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend fun!

Saturday I headed out with my cousin Deb, Ryan, Peter, and Gregg.  We ran the guard rail loop in Hartley Nature Center.  It was difficult to run cause of the depth of snow.  Lots of sinking up to the knees in snow and almost falling over.  I was pretty happy to get outta the park and onto some roads about a hour into the run.  We ended the run at about 1 hour 55 mins which was more then I was expecting for the day.  Overall I felt pretty good.

Sunday I headed out with the Gregger R!  We decided on pavement for poison of the day.  We headed up the north shore 7 miles out and returned for another 7 miles.  The pace was not super fast but it felt fast for me.  I was a little concerned that it felt so fast but I had a late night before and might have been a little dehydrated.  We ended up with little over 14 miles for a total.  What a great week end thank you guys!  Lets roll out some miles

My body overall is functioning pretty well.  I have no hot spots to speak of and my attitude is pretty calm and collective.  I'm planning on a kick ass season and that's just what I'm going to do!  

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Four Homies

Sunday afternoon I had 2 hours planned for running which is pretty normal for me.  I knew I wanted to run with these guys so I tried pretty hard to pull this run off.  I ran with Gregg Robertson, Dave Schunemen, and Tony Stensland....shoot I think I butchered the last name spellings? :)  We decided that there was to much snow for running in regular shoes so we put on the big shoes.  All I have to say is holy crap am I sore those shoes get pretty heavy after two hours of lifting.  All three of these guys have different personalities which makes it fun.  Here is my bio of them on Sunday........

Gregg..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Here is a little preview... were running up 7 bridges road and I noticed he was no longer on my side.   I look up at one of the bridges see him standing there on the rail and BOOM he jumps off and I run over and he is neck deep in snow laughing.  Later on in the run we came across a cliff and BOOM Gregg jumps off without hesitation.  I was like WHAT?  He lands and later says to me "that was great and I think I broke my femur".  (thankfully he didn't) 

Dave..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well we were running in the big shoes and the snow was getting pretty deep Dave was able to take the lead which I'm thankful for and he was plowing through knee deep snow for about 3/4 mile and still smiling.  If you never tried snowshoe running in knee deep snow try it and tell me how you feel after 2 hours.  Anyhow he is the strongest of the group without a doubt.  He is always one to check in with the group making sure we still alive and kicking which makes it fun.  Dave seems to always laugh at my jokes and somehow adds another twist to them which makes them even funnier.  Thanks Dave

Tony..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well Mr. Gel to start if off.  He always has a gel and he carries it for you too. What a nice guy thank you Tony!!   I would say Coach fits him pretty well too.  Sometimes I can complain on my runs and Tony makes sure I understand complaining is not an option.  I would have to say he is pretty quick with the one liners.  He seems to be the first one to spot any bears or bear activity that we come across.  Thankfully for Tony I'm still able to write in my blog.

We had a pretty good time out there!  If your looking for laughs and some adventure hook up with one of these guys they won't let you down.  Lets roll out some miles!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Training going in the right direction

My last week of training turned out pretty decent.  I'm starting to feel pretty strong and confident with my running/training.  This is the point in my training that I need to be careful cause I have a tendency to do more then I should.  I'm strong physically but I need to be patient and relax.  I found myself couple times this week wanted to do more then I was scheduled and I know from experience  I could get into trouble fast.  I stuck to plan and only did as I should have.  This is the first year I will not be running G-mas half marathon and I feel kinda guilty for that too. I had an automatic entry too but gave it up.   G-mas is kinda the signature race for me every year.  I think the race is great but I felt like changing it up this year.  I don't have a race 100% picked out yet, but I will.  I will be on the sidelines cheering on others as they run by though and can't wait to do that.  Hope everybody is running well and lets roll out some miles!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

changing my life

My training officially started this week.  I'm pretty excited to roll out some faster miles and be little more focused.  I have two half marathons in the future.  I really don't have any expectations as far as time goes for myself other then to give it hell.  I have nine weeks until my next race this year which for me is just about right.  If I have to much time I become kinda flat.  My legs are feeling good no major hot spots so to speak.  I've learned a couple interesting things about myself last year and hope to use it to my advantage this year.  If you don't know me very well running is my passion and I take it very seriously even if at times it doesn't seem like it.  I'm thankful for every run I'm able to complete without pain or injury.  Running gives me a sense of peace in my mind and helps me clear my head and move forward with a positive attitude.

On a different note I'm under a massive amount of stress.  I had something terrible happen to my mom and I'm not sure how to cope with it yet.  At times I'm not sure if this happened or happening but every morning I wake up and I realize its real.  I feel just completely numb to feelings and wish I could feel something and on the other hand I'm scared to feel anything.  It hurts me deep and scares me deeply.  I don't feel comfortable telling what happened at this point.  I'm just going to keep looking forward and pray. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Been awhile

Last weekend I ran with Tone Dowg from the mighty DRC better know as coach!  Ran with Chris R better known as Mr. Pimp with his new orange glass and always has a smart ass remark for you!  Lastly, I ran with Eric better known as rock of the group.  It turned out to be the perfect day sun, sun, and sun.  We enter in at castle danger entry point and headed to gooseberry falls and worked our way back.  It couldn't have been put together any better lots of laughs tons of jokes.   We ended up running part of the run along the river which was a super cool experience.  It felt kinda dangerous and exciting at the same time cause you never know what could happen.  I live for adventure and this was the perfect day for me other then I bonked super hard but I didn't care cause the day and group made up for it.  Afterwards we hashed out the run with couple beers and called it a day.  Thanks Guys!  Lets roll out some miles!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Untitled by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Little bump in the road

Well had a good race in Arizona now it's time to regroup and recharge a bit.  My legs are fried at the moment and I have a pretty nasty head cold.  Planning on taking two weeks down from running no more then 30 min jogs during the weekdays.  Plan on running little longer on the weekends if time permits no rush tho.  My buddy Gregg has been a really good voice of reason for me.  I really do appreciate that Gregg...Thank you.  I like to train and if I don't have someone to slow me down I'll train my heart out.  Going to listen to my body these next couple of weeks and then regroup and rolllll them out! 

Untitled by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Arizona run!

The race went really well.  I ran one of the most enjoyable races I've ever run.  Course I can say that after the race.  Tony ran a really good race as well placing 12th outta the race.    Debbie ran a PR of 16 mins on a pretty hard course placing 5th among the women.  Marcus ran really well too placing 16th in the race.  Clint ran the 19k and he placed 2nd overall.  All of us from Duluth really represented Duluth nicely.  We had so much fun poking jokes at each other and laughing out loud.  I wanna thank Clint and Andi for letting us stay at there house in Arizona that was really sweet of them.  Thank you!  Kyle was our cheerleader at the finish line so thank you!  Overall the trip was a ton of fun and hope to be part of it next year!  Lets roll out some miles

Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting excited

I'm starting to get really excited for this 50k coming up in Mid January.  I always seems to get myself worked up about races I train for.  I'm going to try and do something different this year.  Planning on relaxing and not worrying about the outcome of the race have fun  and run my heart out.  I'm thinking the weather will be about 70 degrees and dry so I'm expecting to drink plenty of water.  I normally don't carry anything on my runs cause I don't like how it changes my gait.  I think Ill have to carry a water bottle on this one though.  My choice of energy will be (energy gel) you can get them at DRC.  My reasoning for this type of energy is they are so smooth.  You can take one and have it consumed in less than 1 min and they taste great.  If you have not tried one get the ones with 2X Caffine they will knock your socks off.  Just be careful not to take to many cause they make your face tingly.  I took 4 and later felt like there was a little monster under my skin trying to work his way out.  Maybe it was the 4 hours and 10 mins of running before I felt that I don't know.  Anyhow I'm super pumped about this race and plan to race my heart out!  Lets roll out some miles!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday run

Well I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do today so I ran two hours.  I wanted to run all trails but I needed some fuel to start my run so I decided to stop at the DRC Store.  Turns out they don't open until around 12 p.m., which stunk for me but life goes on.  I started down the board walk and wanted to open up the legs a bit so I did.  Ran couple faster miles at pretty much ease considering I ran 4 hours the day before.  I was working on backing off the pace a bit cause I knew it would not be smart to double long run like this.  After round 5 miles I hit the Cogg's Trials and tamed the pace due to the running conditions.  The Cogg's were pretty much unassailable but that didn't stop me I ended up running 4 miles on them slipping, sliding, falling, grabbing trees , and in survival mode.   After 4 miles I was ready to be on pavement and that's what I did.  Pounded out a couple striders to get the rust outta the legs and completed the run.  Run ended up being 2 hours 14.1 miles.  Lets roll some miles out!!

longish run watch was ok by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

longish run watch was ok by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Long run watch died by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Long run watch died by davehypo at Garmin Connect - Details

Long run this wk end

Saturday morning I rolled out some miles with my cousin Deb.  We started out at Ely's Peak and headed South/West on the SHT trails.  The trail were pretty decent couple areas that were icy but for the most part really nice.  We had some pretty good laughs and jokes along the way which made time fly by.  Before we knew it we were turning around at 1:17 mins into our run.  We made our way back to the car and fueled up and hydrated for our last 1.5 hours of the run.  This section over Ely's Peak was pretty rough going lots of rocks icy spots and snow.   The pace had slowed down due to the running conditions but we didn't care we were living the dream out there.  We rolled out towards spirit mnt and turned around and made our way back. It ended up being 4 hours and 10 mins total for the day.  Thanx for the run Deb your a great partner in crime.  Lets roll some miles out!