Monday, March 5, 2012

The Four Homies

Sunday afternoon I had 2 hours planned for running which is pretty normal for me.  I knew I wanted to run with these guys so I tried pretty hard to pull this run off.  I ran with Gregg Robertson, Dave Schunemen, and Tony Stensland....shoot I think I butchered the last name spellings? :)  We decided that there was to much snow for running in regular shoes so we put on the big shoes.  All I have to say is holy crap am I sore those shoes get pretty heavy after two hours of lifting.  All three of these guys have different personalities which makes it fun.  Here is my bio of them on Sunday........

Gregg..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Here is a little preview... were running up 7 bridges road and I noticed he was no longer on my side.   I look up at one of the bridges see him standing there on the rail and BOOM he jumps off and I run over and he is neck deep in snow laughing.  Later on in the run we came across a cliff and BOOM Gregg jumps off without hesitation.  I was like WHAT?  He lands and later says to me "that was great and I think I broke my femur".  (thankfully he didn't) 

Dave..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well we were running in the big shoes and the snow was getting pretty deep Dave was able to take the lead which I'm thankful for and he was plowing through knee deep snow for about 3/4 mile and still smiling.  If you never tried snowshoe running in knee deep snow try it and tell me how you feel after 2 hours.  Anyhow he is the strongest of the group without a doubt.  He is always one to check in with the group making sure we still alive and kicking which makes it fun.  Dave seems to always laugh at my jokes and somehow adds another twist to them which makes them even funnier.  Thanks Dave

Tony..hmm what do I say about this guy?  Well Mr. Gel to start if off.  He always has a gel and he carries it for you too. What a nice guy thank you Tony!!   I would say Coach fits him pretty well too.  Sometimes I can complain on my runs and Tony makes sure I understand complaining is not an option.  I would have to say he is pretty quick with the one liners.  He seems to be the first one to spot any bears or bear activity that we come across.  Thankfully for Tony I'm still able to write in my blog.

We had a pretty good time out there!  If your looking for laughs and some adventure hook up with one of these guys they won't let you down.  Lets roll out some miles!!!!

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  1. Nice post! I miss running with you guys!